13 February 2011

AIME Day 1

I arrived after 1.00am into Melbourne - so I was only functioning on 3.5 hours sleep (and with this viral cold I have - it was a miracle I stayed awake do late last night)!

Yesterday was a fab day drove down to Phillip Island as part of the #AIMEMelbourne Pre-Conference tour.

Arrived at Silverwater Resort - had some morning tea.

This is the view from my room!

Lovely little gift!

Meet Penny the Penguin!

And went on a helicopter joy flight!

Great views from the chopper!

Then went to a lovely little hidden gem called Churchill Island Farm.

Has a nice lunch there!

From there we went to Panny's Phillip Island Chocolate Factory!

So could not work here!

Chocolate shot!

From there we went to a koala sanctuary - this is a little baby one!

Purple Hen Winery was next on the list!

We went to Spice Island for dinner.

Lovely gift!

Great dinner!

From there it was time to see the penguins - only problem is you aren't allowed to take pics :-(

Fun filled day - looking forward to Day 2!

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