02 February 2011

Shrink Your Home Loan

I was reading this article today on www.news.com.au about ways to Shrink Your Home Loan.

“Home loans are a necessary evil, like governments and dentist check-ups.” – I hear ya!

I really liked the below heading – pretty interesting info!

Little Things Count

Small savings every day add up to huge benefits.

For example, a couple who stop spending $10 each a day on lunches at work will save $5000 a year - which equates to $133,000 in interest and nine years off the life of a 25-year, $250,000 loan.

Write a list of everything you spend each week and look for small savings to make.

Hmmmmm interesting….. food for thought I guess!

1 comment:

  1. gee $10 a day on lunches? I wish. I get excited by a once a month bought fancy coffee.