23 September 2010

The Block Ep1

Well as previously blogged so happy to see that Channel 9 has come to its senses and made another season of The Block.

I seriously wonder if some of the contestants have ever seen the previous seasons – some really seemed like they didn’t know that is was going to be a complete dump and really bad?

The Pie Warmer brought in by Mark and Duncan totally cracked me up… Also 10 points for the boys doing some market research before starting – good idea!

I also really like Neisha &John – they seem down to earth and ready to give it a real go. Neisha had some great vision and loved that she thought outside the square to get some bargains out of the Trading Post!

Erin and Jake may be the under dogs with little experience of having a trade – but at least they are the first to admit that…. Although perhaps if were going on a reno show I might have thought about doing some DIY courses before starting????

I haven’t decided on Chez and Brenton yet…. Couldn’t believe Chez didn’t think it was her problem that her floor was leaking down into the Mark and Duncan’s Unit – HELLO I think it might be just quietly! Brenton seems like a hard worker!

Good luck to them all – it will be full on!

Looking forward to next weeks room reveals!

Anyways if you missed the show you can view full Eps online at

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