03 July 2011

Which House Would You Choose

Things have been a little quiet on the Jazz and Brett Blog…

I (Jazz) have started a new job so been consumed with that…

Of course I am totally stoked that The Block is on 5 days a week – last year I was over the moon that it was back on once a week – so you can imagine how happy I am now….

So my fav couple of The Block is Katrina & Amie! I have been following Katrina’s Blog (http://www.katrinaleechambers.com/) for over a year and she has a personality on the show, which I love…..

How about that singing in the first challenge, not to mention the “what is I wa” line from the song Pump Up The Jam LOL I was in stitches…

Anyone that read my blog last year would know I am not a Chez fan…. And to my surprise she turns up on this year’s series to help one of the couples…. hmmmmmmm

I am a little disappointed the girls didn’t pick House 4….

The façade of House 4 for me is it!!! I just hope Rob and Tania do it justice.

So which house would you pick?

House 4 (MY PICK)

House 3

House 2

House 1

If you missed the show you can view full Eps online at http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/theblock


  1. Welcome back to blogland Jazz!
    I was wondering when you'd give us your thoughts on the block. I would have picked the first house coz of frontage but agree with you on Katrina. What a crack up!!!

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