21 June 2010

Procedures - Plantation Homes

As this building game is a new kettle of fish for us – I am sure all of our “newbie build watching friends and family” it must sound like a nightmare (oh the stories)!

We thought we would shed some light on the process... we have completed Stage 1-4. Stage 5 is almost complete all we are waiting on is - Order materials required for construction & Allocate your job to a building supervisor.

These are Plantation Home's procedures of purchase...

Stage 1. The Owners are required to:
- Supply a list of requested variations, including facade choice.
- Supply details of finance provider.
- Supply a proposed site plan - a diagram of where you want your house sited on your block (this is prepared during discussions with your sales consultant).

Stage 2. The Owners and Builder are required to:
- The Cosham Interiors colour selection appointment is booked and completed. Weekend appointments are offered, subject to availability.
- Complete the Preliminary Tender for presentation at the relevant Office. This Tender includes facade details, catalogue options, colour selection items, estate requirements and electrical changes.

Stage 3. Land Title now released:
The Builder is required to:
- Order soils report, site survey, Council and other information.
The Owners and Builder are required to:
- Presentation of final Tender at the relevant office, on a weekday, including facade, catalogue options, colour selection items, estate requirements, electrical changes, site costs, and items resulting from receipt of Council or other information.
- A deposit of $2500 is required at this point to prepare contract drawings and progress to Building Contract stage.
A Builder is required to:
- Apply to land developer for assessment of plans and/or colours (where applicable)

Stage 4. The Owners are required to:
- Sign the building contract.
- Pay balance of the deposit on contract signing.
- Supply proof of ownership of land. Land ownership and finance approval must be supplied before construction will start.
- Supply a finance letter of offer.

Stage 5. The Builder is required to
- Apply for the building permit.
- Complete a check of the file.
- Prepare final drawings.
- Order materials required for construction.
- Issue final drawings for confirmation by owners.
- Allocate your job to a building supervisor.
The Owners are required to:
- Provide written confirmation from the finance provider that funds are ready to be released for construction.

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